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Uguu.... I don't think this is necessary.

I think it's a very dangerous idea that polarizing or extremist viewpoints should be barred from presence in the thread. You shouldn't be not able to post just because some people don't like it.

Repeated and consistent over the top rants are already covered under the forum rules as "cyclical topics". That is if someone entered a thread and kept making the same kind of rant every friggin episode that is already covered.

Essentially the problem can easily be solved without changing any rules.

Solutions include
  1. Ignore List
  2. Getting a grip
  3. Not responding to people that you feel will lead to a heated debate
  4. Not taking the internet so seriously

Essentially, we'd have to say to people "post better" and really... for a casual discussion that is just not viable. Just don't aim attacks at people and I don't see the issue.
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