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Originally Posted by Marcus H. View Post
The problem with making an entirely new thread about a single rant is that it would clutter a board where these "rant threads" would accumulate over time. Not to mention that moderating things like this is not easy, especially if said "rant threads" eventually mutate into flaming between the "hater" and the "anti-haters".
Originally Posted by hyl View Post
I do find it farfetched and not very logical to give the rants of a serie or it's episode their own seprate topic. What do you want to accomplish? That a specfic thread only contains neutral views and praises?
Also most series only get 1 thread to post on and there is usually a reason for that.
Originally Posted by Archon_Wing View Post
It's unnecessary complexity, especially if it's a one thread only series. For subforum series, they can move it to general discussion,
If these rant posts can't justify their own topic then how can you say they justify 2-3 pages of a thread (if not more) and in series thread how do they justify being re-discussed every episode? If they justify appearing episode after episode and if we value the opinion of the one/two posters who have only negative things to say then why is a thread dedicated to their re-accuring view not justified?

Originally Posted by Archon_Wing View Post
But it doesn't matter, because either way the discussion has spun out of control because people are already raging. If the mods are slower to act, then this just won't help matters. Not that they react slow anyways. And you can't just cordon off the criticism in isolation-- especially if it's a critical part to one's criticism of the series. Isolating and segregating said complaints to protect the casual's eyes seems unnecessary for me.
Do these very volite topics justify being in a thread where the majority of posters would simply disagree with them? Why is it worse for them being in sections where the views would be moderate. You say it I'm trying to protect casuals, I say we're giving too much power to people randomly stirring topics in inapropriate context.
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