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I just read through this whole manga. It looks like John and Sonar have figured out something about Pharos' plan, but they aren't exactly being clear about it.

I'm not sure how these kids are going to beat Pharos. When he beat down on Engi, he showed the same reality-breaking power that Merry had when she totally flipped out. That, and the keys she had then, probably represent the full manifestation of her power as the gatekeeper, but she has no idea how she did it. I don't know how Pharos can do it, but it's probably going to take Merry's full power to take him on, and she's not ready yet.

Even if they can beat him, from the sound of things the situation is only going to get worse so long as Merry is away from her post. Kids need to find a way to get her back to the gate soon.
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