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Originally Posted by Dissix View Post
In all Honesty she might have not ended up with anyone, even if it meant ending the bloodline with her, but who knows.
Originally Posted by Destined_Fate View Post
The Apollonius/Celiane bloodline continued into Evo though. Silvia was the last know bearer of it since her parents and now Sirius died.
Their bloodline was made possible to show the 'offsprings' of Apollonius/Celianne for Human/Angel hybrids. But it wouldn't have mattered since Zen is there, and so is the fact that Pollon didn't even seem to have a bloodline. The whole reincarnation thing just happened, which makes me think it would have happened regardless.

Take Mikono, we know she's the reincarnation of Silvia, but there's no info that says she was part of her family bloodline. If she was, wouldn't she be part Angel, which never even came up in the show.

Originally Posted by Destined_Fate View Post
Besides, it would be a depressing life if she never moved on after Apollo left her. She was still a young teenager after all.
She seemed content at the end of Genesis though, especially on her 'Apollo will return' comment.
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