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Maybe it's because I didn't read a lot of fanfiction but,the author managed to write a prologue that is quite good based on my stan
I'm not too fond with how he writes the paragraph, and words like 'Geh', parentheses to write down the reaction and occasional japanese words that is slipped in it made me worried. Not to mention that he once wrote an author note right in the middle of the story and some emoticon like ^_^ or -_- in some chapters...

I'm not saying that I'm an expert in writing either, but those things that he did in his writing made me instantly thought of bad authors that I stumbled when trying to find a good fics in You know..err, young author trying to write his/her shipping while doing bad OOC, dialogue heavy with little narrative and many other stuffs like that? Well Paul isn't as bad as that, but he just reminds me of them.

but still, now that I re-read it some earlier part of that fic, those things actually make it easier for me to read. Let's just say that I don't dislike it as much as before

As long as I can understand the story it's fine with me. A little bit of grammar error should not be a problem.
I agree with this. I think what motivates the most in reading a story is that the content of the story itself and not the outer exterior of it.

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