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Originally Posted by SOGESNAKE View Post
Still find it odd that a Nintendo title is having a hard time finding it's way to the stores... I do wonder if it would've helped better to just have the release date a normal Tuesday.... or a regular Nintendo Sunday release day.
My take on this: Nintendo probably treated this game in the same manner as most "niche" games (ship it out the week of release, with it not arriving until Wednesday afternoon at the earliest) than doing their usual route of shipping the game early to ensure that it will be available on it's scheduled release date.

Originally Posted by Dragoshi1 View Post
I got my copy from Target yesterday, I already had it preordered and paid off at Gamestop, and an employee even gave me the artbook early, so I'm gonna go in Friday and just cancel it and put the money on Monster Hunter or something.
Similar thing with me, with me pre-ordering the game at Gamestop (and getting the art book), while downloading it instead upon learning that the game will not be arriving at the store today (picked up the new Sly Cooper game instead).

The only difference: I still plan to pick up the game when it finally arrives at Gamestop (with hopes that my younger brother would be interested in it).
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