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Went to EB where it was sold out as well and was quite pissed not because it wasn't there but because of how little they seemed to care about making sure I left with a favorable impression. No effort to advise me on when it might be in stock again,no effort to advise me that it could be purchased online which I already knew but both people said they didn't , just no effort period. I'm beginning to see why people resent gamestop/EB employees so much cause its so clear they have no idea whats going on in gaming half the time or how to satisty customers inquiries and are just coached to follow a script, push promotions and ask for insurance and such while ringing you out. I also don't appreciate how they try to scare you into buying hardware fast with the idea it might sell out. I genuinely now think they deliberately keep stock of certain things low or at least claim it is so they can run this scheme. Very poor impression of the chain now, really no excuse for this much ignorance in retail.

Anyway thank god for digital download, which yet again makes up for the failures of retail along with eBay. I already do very little shopping for games in stores and now plan even less.
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