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You can check on your order history on the site if you click on the マイ・ページ link in the top right. Then in the list of options choose: ご注文・ご購入履歴 (Order/Purchase History)

You should get an email when its shipped, otherwise if it says 出荷済 (Shipped) for all the items, then it has. Otherwise if some of the items in the order still say 入荷待ち that means they're on backorder. Anything that says 7-21日 when ordering is backordered. If they don't get them in stock within 21 days, it will auto-cancel that item and ship the rest of the order then.

Your current point total and nearest expiration date for points are found in the top left of the account page with the big red number. Then if you click ポイント情報 it will show when the next expiration date is for points in the big red sentence.

Lately they've really been pushing the ebooks too. I've been getting like half a dozen 200yen off coupons for ebooks every month, and they constantly have sales on ebooks for a whopping 35x point bonus. They almost give the stuff away, which can be great for getting lots of LNs you can cheat with OCR
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