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New to this thread, and I have only read back a little bit. Currently up to Ep18, and I am kind of shocked that Aaeru got No.1 as a fan favourite, since... well... she's currently 2nd dead last on my own list.

Only Floe 'beats' her in being my most disliked character, main character.

I guess something pretty amazing happens in the later episodes that will radically change one's perception of her, huh? We'll see... if I change mine.

Oh, and who is that girl in 18th position? I recognise her from the eyecatches, but I don't seem to remember seeing her in the actual show( as of Ep18). Has she been introduced yet, or is her debut appearance later on?

My thoughts on Simoun can be read here, and is currently up to Ep16 at the time of this post. Future thoughts will be posted as I continue to watch the rest of the episodes.

Be aware that I am new to Simoun, so be gentle with the spoilers. I would like to be surprised.

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