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Exclamation Crest/Banner of the Star Petition

hi everyone . thanks for taking your time to read this post. a group of Seikai ( Crest/ Banner of the Stars related) fans and I have decided to make a petition for the Japanese Seikai novels. we're going to be sending our petition to a number of companies asking them to translate the novels in English and distributing them in the U.S., but as of right now there are no plans for that in the forseeable future .
as a fan of anime and of Seikai, we need your help in bringing these wonderful novels over to the states. its mix of sci-fi action, drama and romance are done in near perfect harmony and the character development between the two main characters is the centerpiece of the 3 seasons of anime based upon the novels. we soon found ourselves very fond of the series, but to our dismay, the novels were not available to read. only with your support can we bring the Seikai novel to the states. all that we ask of you is a signature and nothing more. you can be proud that you've taken part in such a great cause in helping to bring the Seikai novels to the U.S. and making seikai and anime fans alike very happy =)! Thank you
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