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One of Jojo's bigger themes was Nurture vs Nature. Will someone choose to do Evil because the circumstance made him do it, or will he do it because he was born evil. Giorno ultimately chose to do right, well as a mafia mobster, because of the kindness shown by that unknown gangster. Had it not happen, he may have chosen to use his powers for evil. He overcame his Inner Dio and chose to be more like Jonathan.
One could say that the Joestar part of Giorno was once again able to defeat Dio .
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I do think Araki could have done more with Giorno being Dio's son. After the first few episodes, it became completely irrelevant. Polfnareff never even found out about it.
The only real relevance it seemed to have past the first few episodes was Giorno's Stand Cry.
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Objection! As a result of now being an animal, Polnareff should be renamed "Turtlneff"
I can dig it .
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