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There exists a voice actors' union, and from what I recall, Megumi Ogata is one of its members.

Originally Posted by Sylphic View Post
The only one that bugs me is Nagisa's voice actor. She sounds 99% similar to Nakajima Megumi.

Also, I have no idea if this is Tokyo fashion or something but none of the AKB girls enunciate. When the pace quickens or when they are excited it turns into a blob. Not that I don't understand, but still unpleasant.

The real seiyuu are crystal clear for the most part. You can tell clearly where each word starts and ends.
To quote:
Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo View Post
You're not the only one who thinks she's doing an okay job. Some of her lines have been great. I'm not with the Japanese seiyuu otaku who demand that all seiyuus conform to a common standard of professional expertise, and reject TV actresses completely since they haven't been beaten into the standard style by seiyuu school.
As for me, some first-time seiyuu may be raw for the most part (and I like fresh new talent), but they have the potential to surprise (i.e. Ayako Yoshitani's Mikoto Urabe in MGX). Our main character is 13 and it just makes sense that Iwata is also 14, thereby meshing well with her character.

There's been some fan speculation about how much the typical AKB member earns (the amount depending on merit or seniority), but as there are no verifiable figures (and unlike in the West, where actor's contracts are considered news), rumors are rumors.
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