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Well, crap!

That's about the extent that really needs to be said. The last half was pretty moving and it's evident that Tomoya's pretty much a wreck and though one can't blame him for it it'll be up to him to rise from the situation. My guess (I haven't played the VN or anything) is that he won't quite recover from this solely because of how much he depended on Nagisa for his support. Heck, those two complemented each other perfectly so now that one part is gone, it's like having one leg amputated. And Tomoya is pretty much a cripple in the emotional sense.

Dare I speculate at Ushio being neglected from this point on? The dialogue during the Christmas party did indicate strongly that the concept of Tomoya being a father hasn't sunk in completely with him and all this time, he's been more concerned with Nagisa without thinking beyond that. Now that it's bitten him in the face, it'll be a test of his strength of character and a test that I'm frankly not sure he can succeed at. His monologue hinted that his mind was really in a state of despair and that he had given up before he started, which doesn't bode well at all.

Only the subsequent episodes will reveal how things go for me.
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