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Originally Posted by traumatize View Post
why would they not consider Harima ending with Yakumo?
Simple.. 283+ chapters.. calculated with everything both Eri and Yakumo have done Harima-related

and Yakumo ends up not having enough time to develop what ever feelings she had for Harima.

She could have easily been considered ending with Harima, but the ending was semi-open with the belief that Harima ended with Eri. But for it to be canon would be to drain the massive amount of juice filled by Eri and make it all irrelevant. The reason people love Eri and Harima was because of the continuity of the relationship that started with them under an umbrella.

Also.. romance scenes between Eri and Harima were provided at quite a variety.. with out the need for fan made art which added more appeal to fans.

To me, Yakumo was a good character and the most popular character in School Rumble (despite not being in tons of chapters like Harima and Eri) and the second best choice for pairing with Harima.

But Eri was far superior in Character development and romance (again because she was given more of it than Yakumo)
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