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To be honest.. when I first got into SR, I was under the impression that the big THING was HarimaxTenma

I was completely neutral with all other pairings because at the time it was really early and I only got into the comedy aspect of the manga.

Besides, I Thought the whole HarimaxTenma was a big Joke.. because Harima seemed a lot older but when I found out he was also a highschool, I was like ahhh ok. So he might have a chance

as it went on.. I jump from Yakumo to Eri and Tae, and by the time it hit the Kyoto arc... I permanently stayed with Eri.

To me.. Yakumo seemed restricted.. she was stuck in her house cooking.. not available during school unless she had to take something to Tenma. And then the only times she was around was during house meetings in Tenma's house (which didn't have Harima most of the time), when they were on vacation from school, and when ever Harima summoned her for manga assistance.

my only regret is.. she wasn't around during the beach chapters..

ah well... my SarahxYakumo is still canon
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