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Unfortunately there are a few flaws there that go according with Harima's personality

1. he only went back to school for the one and only chance to be in the same class as Tenma.
2. he wasn't gonna sit in a class with out Tenma since he wasn't interested in class and it'd be a waste of his time otherwise.

3. assuming he had stayed with his unfortunate year loss, there were more than one 1st year classes and Harima wasn't on the second year list, and his name was never shown in which 1st year class he was assigned to. So the odds of him being in Yakumo's class would have been divided rather than being thrown directly into Yakumo's class.

4. In the end.. Tenma ended up screwing Yakumo's chances both in school and in competition with Eri.

Actually.. Tenma kinda screwed everyone.. since with out her there wouldn't be no Harima talking with Suou, Mikoto, or Eri. But the one who benefited the most from Harima's arrival was Eri, which allowed her to use the same excuse Harima uses to get closer to Tenma being classmates.

Any other potential romance.. lacked closure and there for couldn't progress deeper with Harima.

Yakumo had it really rough from the start... being Tenma's sister, having to clean cook and work part time. Not being able to freely communicate in class.. and being left out of pretty much everything the 2C girls did. But for those few moments she had.. she was very effective, and yet.. Harima still treated her like Imouto-san, and she couldn't even attempt anything because she was loyal to Harima's feelings for Tenma. On the other side she was loyal to Tenma's feelings for Karasuma.. and Karasuma's feelings for Tenma, which left her squeezed in the middle. Feeling sorry for Harima.. her only option was to root for the equally stubborn Eri.

And that's pretty much it. I wish there would have been another competitive straight forward girl.. in the form of another classmate. Yes.. then the Battle for Harima would have truly been intense, something that wouldn't have gone unnoticed even to Harima lol
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