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I can't imagine what you would do if you encountered him on the street. The only certain thing is that we would get an abrupt Athena end.

I'd like that what I said a few pages back to come true now. The part where Hina falls down and Hayate dives to save her, and then a kiss scene that's witnessed by both Athena & Nagi, .. oh and also Ayumu for even more drama.

(Athena: I see.. so you don't care about me anymore, unlike me, who thought of you for all these years...)

(Ayumu: Hina-san... I hope you will be happy together! *runs off crying*)

(Nagi: Stands there shocked, with a PSP/DS falling from her hands displaying a game over scene. Hayate... *sob*)
Spoiler for Wot?:
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