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Originally Posted by lightsenshi View Post
Am I the only one who seems to think that Toori is a complete and utter moron who just gets lucky?
Toori got lucky in his judgement sending the miser who was the only person with resources that can have an equal match with a mecha.
He was lucky that he realized Nate's plan and accidentally thought up a way to counter that by sending Suzu.
He was lucky that things turned into his favor because he took the initiative in the argument rather than taking the last say.
He was lucky that he didn't need to lay out the argument against Testament Union because Masazumi laid it out for him.
Above all, he was damn lucky to be able to grope Seijun and Suzu's chest and got away scot free.

Yeah, he's too lucky... to have the wits to use the right people in the right occasion and the charisma to lead people.
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