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Oh by the way now that I re-readed this chapter again I just noticed that Toriko and his crew wants to eat Four Beast after defeating it. He even says that if it tastes delicious or not but what makes me worry is that isn't Four Beast eating human as it's main dish? So I don't think it will taste any good. After all that's something that eats human and it will be like cannibalism to eat something like that.

Well, it was established a good while back that the Four Beast was the final training ingredient for the four kings, so I'm not actually surprised that Toriko would wonder how tasty it is....

But as for the humans it devoured, maybe Toriko and co. can somehow force him to vomit out the humans he recently ate before they're fully digested or something. But as for the ones that were already gone..... well, at least their deaths won't be in vain since they'll be fused with their saviors' gourmet cells.
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