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Originally Posted by TnAdct1 View Post
This itself leads to my main problem with this season of Hidamari Sketch: it feels as if SHAFT is rushing to the eventual graduation of Sae and Hiro as if this is going to be the show's final season. It bothers me because as someone who's been actually been reading the manga, there's actually a whole bunch of exciting storylines between the senior year class trip and the tsunami storyline that I would have loved to seen animated. Hence, with the season skipping over the summer months in favor of rushing towards Sae and Hiro's graduation, as well as this season dropping the "out of order" episode line-up that was common in the first two seasons (and allowed for SHAFT to finish off the "pre-Nori and Nazuna" stories even after they are officially introduced to the show), it feels as if SHAFT is pretty much skipping over some exciting stories just to rush to an "anime ending" for the series.
Well, SHAFT does seem to have a ton of stuff it's plate in the next couple of years, so you can't really blame them for wanting to give a long running series (in Japanese terms) a proper ending while they still have a chance.
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