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Originally Posted by Repelsteeltju View Post
No. It was inevitable.

Even before, when Saki en company had never even seen a queerat the adults were worried about the possibility of them snatching a child whose powers hadn't developed yet. Heck, they were even worried that the queerats would find out that young children don't have or can't use cantus.
Good point, I had forgotten that bit in the early part of the story. Although I wonder if it were irrational fear or if the queerats have tried something like that before. It seems the height of foolishness to leave the queerats alone if they've actually gone and tried to kidnap humans.

I wonder how queerats came about. Were they made intelligent deliberately using cantus or did they appear because of the mutations caused by cantus "leaking"?

Could be a severe case of hoisted by their own petard if someone had created them. Too bad nobody in the current time has anything to do with that.
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