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Whoa, that's quite the memo I missed. I wasn't aware that most modern human societies make a habit out of culling their own young.
Look at various cultures through history. Humans culling their own young for shits and giggles? Nah. Regularly killing children (or adults, not much of a difference in the end...) for a reason they thought was important? Not as unthinkable as you might suspect. And as for modern societies*, no, most modern cultures don't do that. But abusing children in various ways, for whatever reason if any, with little or no reprisal? Look around you.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg of what humanity has been doing ever since we climbed down from the trees, so to speak. (Hell, look at chimpanzees, no wonder they're our closest relatives. Well, them and the sex-maniac bonobos. ) Humans in general are and have always been utter and total bastards, from the way we treat each other to the way we treat our environment.

*Why should we consider only modern societies, anyway? Our past brought us to where we are now.

What with all the talk about pragmatism, it's like some people here deliberately neglect to consider the reasons why this society (or rather, those in the "know") does what it does. Is it a commendable thing what they do? Well shit, of course not, it's sick and horrible. But it's such an old dilemma and it's played so straight here that I admit I find it a bit baffling how people easily miss or ignore the "needs of the many vs needs of the few" question. Sure, it's a dilemma for a reason, but that means there's at least two sides to it, not one objectively right opinion.

And as for arrogance, I really have to lol at that, because we've seen 1) Koufuu and... that's all, really. The rest is not even hubris, it's just basic human nature. Like it or not. If they deserve to die for "being arrogant" then we should really just go and collectively hang ourselves...

And frankly, it doesn't sit well with me to see someone sit on the proverbial high horse wishing violent death on people (fictional, but still), with using only emotional, knee-jerk reactions as arguments to back it up with.

Originally Posted by Kirarakim View Post
I personally thought Shin Sekai Yori created a world with no easy answers.
Pretty much. There's much we haven't seen yet, and I imagine things will get intense here after the end, but really - everything is so relative it's almost ridiculous. As I said, it's so very easy being judgemental. Considering the circumstances, what led to what and why, past and present and future, and assessing the situation based on that is what requires actual thinking without the promise of easy answers and solutions.

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