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Originally Posted by kuromitsu View Post

I take it you're also actively rooting for the violent extinction of the human species in the real world, too. (Because otherwise ooh, sweet hypocrisy.)

Seriously, isn't it just so easy to be judgemental and painting everyone with the same brush.
His point of view strikes me as quite hypocritical as well, unless he is actually a misanthropist. Everything he pointed out applies to humanity to some extent (are we arrogant? Definitely. Children of God? Tons of people believe that. Do we prioritize our survival other that of other species and sometimes even our own? Of course. We even prioritize our comfort over the rest of the planet.) We are almost as bad as the humanity depicted in Shin Sekai Yori, and have been even worse in the past.

Originally Posted by Kirarakim View Post
I actually expect Kuromitsu wasn't talking about the child aspect of Kazu's argument but the way humans treat queer rats and their arrogance.

Don't we as humans think of ourselves as better than other species? Isn't there a bit of arrogance in the way we look at animals for instance?
As for killing children, its a sick society no doubt. And maybe it should naturally be wiped out but isn't it easy to judge when it's not your survival. I mean really what is a better solution that people propose instead of letting human society die?

I personally thought Shin Sekai Yori created a world with no easy answers. I am not usually a cultural relativist and yet for their society I can't think of anyway else to be.

Still the theme of Kino no Tabi about finding beauty even in an ugly world rings true to me too. These are still people who love, have hopes & dreams, can feel compassion. I honestly find it hard to wish for their destruction, despite the sickness that lies behind the society.
I agree wholeheartedly. I disapprove of their society but I can't condemn them for choosing this path, because as far as I can tell, it was the only one available to them. They did what they had to do to ensure their survival. They would have been wiped out a lot sooner if they had done nothing to prevent the appearance of fiend and karma demons, and it's not in humanity's nature to simply accept its doom.

I also find it hard to wish for these people to meet their death because in spite of all (because of them?) their flaws, they are still very much human and not all that different from us.
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