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I've watched it in Kyon order twice, once in Haruhi order, and once in strict chronological order.

I've read that Tanigawa Nagaru (the author of the light novels) suggested to KyoAni that the episodes be done out of chronological order. Whether he did that or not, I think it was a great idea. It spreads the "exciting" events of Melancholy and the "wacky hijinks" of the later episodes through the entire run. It also adds a feeling of temporal befuddlement which probably matches the narrator's uneasiness with the events unfolding around him.

Haruhi order drags around Lone Island Syndrome, but events are explained in a more linear fashion. Strict chronological also drags around Lone Island, and loses the successive "OMG" revelations about Adventures of Mikuru-run that you get with Haruhi or Kyon order.

Someday In The Rain is not a great ending to the series, but since we all expect/hope/pray for (at least) a second season, it serves as a excellent interlude.

So I'd say Kyon (more exciting) or Haruhi (clearer) order, but Adventures of Mikuru-run first whatever you do.
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