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If I was recommending SHnY to a would-be Haruhiist, I wud definitely recommand watching it in episodic order. This is the way that brought abt much satisfaction for me as a newbie, and there is a purpose to doing it that way anyway.

Remember what Mikuru said abt time not being continuouous? That it is like frames in an anime? If u watch it in episodic order then chronological order, u will see that this process is actually a PROOF of this statement.

Note that when watching in episodic order, the bits of information scattered around from the future did not really interfere with the final impact episode 14 brought about. It wasnt very confusing at all. In fact, I believed that all of that happened in between The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi I-VI in some order instead of after, and this did not really spoil the experience at all.

Remember the basic fallacy to why authors dislike to write abt time travel: because it cant seem to work out properly. For example if u go back in time to kill your grandmother, u couldnt possibly have done it!

However most of this authors have not actually studied a deeper part of Physics, which is the science of Truth. They choose to instead use human logic, which is often wrong (yea I'm sure the world is flat). We need physics to show us the truth. I sincerely am believing Nagara Kanigawa did, even tho he is a graduate from law school. Probably did in in high school, or he is interested in physics, or HECK he took a physics module in university. Look at all the equations in the OP.. T_T

Since time isnt continuous, and is made up of discrete packets, then if u go back in time to kill your mother, then that situation is isolated. I believe that there will be a certain probability that

a. Your mother would be born b4 your grandmother was killed.
b. You would exist even if your grandmother did not, but the reason wud be blocked out of ppl's heads. And onli u wud be aware that u killed your grandmother.

Or something like that. I'm no fiction or physics expert, but I wud roughly describe it as this. As in any event that occurs in the past will not create too huge a time ripple in the future.

If u analyse the star-shaped mole incident and RE-watch (not watch) in chronological order, I think u'll get wad I mean.

Watching in episodic and then chronological is THE SHnY experience IMO, then mayb if u are REALLY bored and have TONS of time one day u might find yourself randomly clicking and who knows....

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