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Originally Posted by Denna View Post
I really liked Lovely Complex, and would very much want to watch other series that are similar.
well... i'd like a romance/comedy anime, with the female leading role and the male leading role to tease eachother, or not stand eachother in the beginning. but afterwards their relationship evolves in a romantic one.
do you know something like that?
I know how you fill i just finished it and needed a replacement, what i would suggest is at the moment i have found 1 roughly like it, Suzuka is about a girl who is a real good high jumper and the main guy has just moved to tokyo and see's her jumper is in ore of her, he finds out she lives next door to him and he starts to get even more in love with her. (read my spoilers there not BIG but gives a better overview)
Spoiler for Suzuka:
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