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Originally Posted by Westlo View Post
She play a large role in Zaregoto? She's probably my fav TAKE design so far.
She is the Strongest Red, the story's half based around her, so much that she is getting her own spin off story. Too bad for you Westlo she doesn't appear that much in volume 1 =).

Originally Posted by sirn View Post
I haven't read into the series enough so I can't say for sure, but at least she appeared in all volumes since the end of Kubikiri Cycle. Though, my favorite TAKE's design is obviously Hime-chan.
Hime-chan's conversations with I-chan usually are the 2nd most fun ones in the series for me! Also it's a crime that both of you don't like Tomo more T__T.

Originally Posted by roriconfan View Post
Will it also have its own stand alone story? I got really fed up with storyless series that are all nice visuals and reset buttons.
Not quite sure what you meant by "stand alone story". I assume new song will have a different/variated ED. Though I'm really surprised that they go as far as giving it a new ED each time. Is the same true for OP?
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