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Originally Posted by Tempester View Post
In concept, this premise could be very rewarding. The ridiculous idea of a "club for people with no friends" sounds like it could lead to a fascinating psychological study of a group of shy introverts who eventually find comfort and a sense of understanding among each other and rebuild their lives as they become better people.

But who I am kidding here? From the studio to the director to the marketing, this looks like just another sell-out cheap harem comedy, and will very much likely be chock-full of cookie-cutter stereotypes and jokes I've seen several times before. I'm not going to completely avoid this series, but I'm not going to pick it up next season. Maybe when it's done I'll give it a marathon.
the first part of your comment, you will not get any of that, so dont waste your time, about the second part well yeah is full of stereotypes, kobato is pretty much kirino and kuroneko after a fusion, and maria is pretty much index from to aru wothout the annoying parts, and thats probably intantional judging from the seiyuu they got, about the cokkie cutter jokes, not really, the humor is somewhat dark and mature, just have to see how that translates to anime.
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