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Originally Posted by Craxuan View Post
Unique guardians. They're going there to search information of the Champion's ancestor, so this is bound to be turning into another brawl. Hopefully interesting.
Sweet, I wish Yuuno can make an appearance as well.

Adult!Vivio: W-w-what did you do!

Adult!Rio: W-w-ell I saw this cute little notebook with a cat stamped on its cover. So I picked it up-

The eyes of the titanic Cat Golems before them, glowed red. Nuke missiles with hello kitty stickers embedded on them, were positioned to attack

Adult!Vivio: Didn't I say, NOT TO TOUCH ANYTHING! Thanks to you an army of a thousand Cat Golems are against us. Oh, Kaizer we are so dead, and we are going to be killed again if my mothers and Yuuno-kun finds out about this.

Adult!Einhart: This is not a good time to whine and argue! Corona, talk to them.

Corona: What?

Adult!Einhart: Talk to the golems!

Corona: What are you talking about! Even if I can summon Golems, that does not mean I know I can speak to one...

?: Meow-

Awkward silence

*The Cat golems averted their gaze towards the sound as the Chief Librarian showed his presence*

Yuuno: Meow, meow, meow, Meeeeeoooooow...

The Cat Golems cowered away

Leader of the Cat Golems: Meow

*The golems disappeared without a trace*

Adult!Vivio: Waaaah! Yuuno-kun, I was scared. I thought I'm was going to die, until you intervened.

Yuuno: No you're not as long as I'm here.

Rio, Corona, and Einhart stared at him, mouths gaping.

Einhart: What just happened...

Yuuno: Oh, that. I told them if they even try to attack you. I'll stop petting them... and giving them kitty snacks while I tell them the epic tale of Hello Kitty, when the cute little protagonist fights Mickey Mouse to the death...


Originally Posted by Nanya01 View Post
The bunnies breed.
Yes, they shall.

And I am asking again. Is the demonic clown and the Lemmings incident official?

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