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Originally Posted by BlackCatXIII
You should know that your size exedes AS limits (100X100 MAX... your's is 150x100)

To decrese it's size try cuting frames... I know it sounds bad but there are frames that are very obscure (especialy with the timing you have)... basicly your first 3 will only be noticed if someone opens the file... anyway here are some variations on your avatar...

With some frames removed and some tweqing here and there...

... 12 frames

... 10 frames

Both are AS friendly...

Note that using the tutorials obove will help you turn even a 300k monster into a 50k friendly... but quality will always suffer... it's better not to optimize ... if posible... or optimize for those last 10k or so...

You could add a border to reduce the size and shave some kilo, just remember to use a color already present or you will end up ading kilos... black is usually safe

Wow thx... But question is not only to make it lighter..
I just learn how touse Eraser... but it's very dificult.. to erase Screen #2 and trying to draw Screen #1 in u mind...
Is there a way to Combine 2 images.. or maybe some tool wich can help u Erase thing that we don't need in image 2 3 4 etc.
Like Delete all Dots that didn't change in thous to screens 1 and 2

It's realy hard just erase useing eyes and memory (in last think i'm realy bad )
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