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Originally Posted by BlackCatXIII View Post
@ CreativeNX

I can't get to any of them.. it's error error or not found..
Can you upload them to imageshack or could only access one of em.. the one where she has an umbrella..

Also can you copy back the link that say's it's a thumbnail..

Anyway.. here's one.. sorry I'm separated from tons and tons of PS material ATM can't do anything complex to it.. oh well it's probably better left as is..
I hope this will be better:

1 sig. but it has to have the last pic I posten in it.
I really want that one. she is so kawaii there
but feel free to include som of the other pics to, and make sure to get here name in there too: Aoi Sakuraba
(my nick: CreativeNX don't have to be in the sig, but you could put: CurioKoSa
in there as my nick, since I usually use that one.)
othere than that feel free too use your fantasy
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