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Originally Posted by RadiantBeam View Post
Heck, in general, I feel as though Lutecia and Zest got the short end of the stick in this series. Agito, too. The three of them had so much potential and so much of their story to be told, but nooooo....

I still don't totally understand Zest, though. Was he dead and brought back to life, or was he just fatally injured and nursed back to health by Cinque? Because the anime was never clear on which he was.
Sigh. I agree that Lutecia and Agito got the short end of the stick with their stories.

Lutecia had almost no development and all the stuff that could have been talked about regarding Signum/Agito was ignored.

I think that Zest actually got an okay amount of information. Well, compared to some of the other characters at least.

No. Zest did get killed by Cinque. Jail then used his cloning techniques and stuff to make the artificial mage Zest. Then he went and put Zests' memories into the Artificial mage.

However, when Jail did this he still had not perfected the method so Zest's body constanly deteriorated after his revival. Eventually he got to Regius, was about to get his questions answered, and the Due decieded to be a BIACH and killed Regius. But she got her just desserts and was then killed by Zest. Then Signum went and gave Zest a knights death.
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