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Originally Posted by BearShare View Post
You guys are all rambling on fanservice as if it was a bad thing. D:
I'm not complaining. What I'm worried about whether SHAFT decide to turn the other cheek & not follow the Manga closely as they could've. I think I can honestly say this is 1 of a few Manga series that I think female bareness + comedy + good plot = brilliant Anime.

Originally Posted by ultramojones View Post
also, weird how some of the bath scenes reveal the good stuff, while others seem to have steamed/erased the good stuff
Yeah, I kinda found that odd too. I assume that they made 2 version of the same trailer, 1 where we there's no steam (Dailymotion & Veoh) & another steam covering the bits (Youtube).

I just hope that SHAFT play closely (don't mind if they add a tiny bit) from the Manga onto the Anime.
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