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I've found that dailies in some areas can net you quite a lot of BoE items which if you don't have to shard, can get you some gold on the AH from people that do need to shard. (I think I sell they pretty cheap, but I've not checked what their prices should be...I usually double whatever the starting bid is...or if it is an Outland item, cut the starting in half and then put the buy out at just a little over the original starting bid price...Outland BoE items don't sell for what they use to..maybe 4-8 gold a piece for any level 61-68 item, save for weapons when can go for 12 gold. Anything more than that usually doesn't even get a bid, even rare Outland items only got for maybe 30% more now.)

I just look at the gold as a way to reach a goal. After I have the goal, I don't need the gold. (getting rep is generally a goal as well, so the bonus of gold helps) Of course I spent time at 70 at the end of TBC getting enough gold to get the epic flying skill and then when WTLK came out my goal was the engineering bike mount...needing at least 13,000 gold due to mats and skill, plus a huge amount of rep to get it at 80. It took a bit, but it was possible. (Mount wasn't that great at first but they fixed it so that it really doesn't take falling damage (it did at first, just "you" didn't)...I use it in Stormwind to race to the boat by taking the direct route. Also I sometimes use it in other places for fun...the minefield in the Storm Peaks can be an interesting stunting ground for a bike.
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