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Originally Posted by Jazzrat View Post
You're not taking money from everyone, just the really rich folks who are willing to splurge on the AH.
I deleted the post that you were responding to, because it ended up being a rant against a pet peeve of mine rather than a real response, but this is false. The rich people are rich because they're smart with money, ie: they're cheap and/or work the AH. The people you're taking money from are the impatient people who always spend all their money on the first thing they see because they don't want to bother thinking about it (and most people don't play this game to think about economics). These people are perpetually broke. I should know, since I'm one of them. By working the AH, you are the rich person, and you're stealing from the poor.

Price inflation occurs ingame when there's a significant influx of gold on the server (i.e CGF). It might be quite intimidating for the low level people at first but i think that's the best time for them to pick up gathering and fund their way through the game just by collecting low level materials for the powerleveler who are willing afford high prices.

The cost of training doesn't change, mounts still cost the same and so is most basic consumeable (arrows, poison, reagents, repair fee). It's only the player products that increases in price.
Oh, and the relevant costs are the prices of mats, particularly herbs and enchanting materials, which are needed by people wanting to improve their characters. These have been artificially inflated by quite a lot, for no particular reason, especially since as you say the prices of repairs and whatnot stay the same, so no one actually needs the money they earn from inflating prices. A lot of people like to horde money (my guild leader is one) which keeps it out of circulation. Forcing new players to pick gathering professions is bad thing, and a symptom of the larger economic problems. It's not horrible, but it's not ideal either.
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