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The rich people are rich because they're smart with money, ie: they're cheap and/or work the AH. The people you're taking money from are the impatient people who always spend all their money on the first thing they see because they don't want to bother thinking about it (and most people don't play this game to think about economics). These people are perpetually broke. I should know, since I'm one of them. By working the AH, you are the rich person, and you're stealing from the poor....
Well i would certainly blame those poor people for being impulsive on their purchase . All RPGs have a basic economy built into it. You don't spend your last penny on a +1 sword when you know you ll be getting a +2 sword for free next day.

I know what you mean but this is a social game as much as a RPG game. Social influences gets amplified by the protection of Internet anonymity.

Unless Blizzard start replacing AH with vendoring machines, people will just have to wise up and balance their spending

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