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I probably should tell you that I am a very slow leveler. Combine that with my tendency to jump between alts and by back luck that a lot of my friends are on different servers...

Well, let's just say that my Death Knight was my first character that had it's XP bar disappear.
AHHHH, that explains it, well in TBC, you need an extra alt to do the damn dailies because the limit had been set at 10 so gold was in short supply unless you played the AH, and as many savvy players at the time just ended up learning to play the AH but if you had alts, its was an easy way to net 200-300 gold depending on random loot drops also not to mention daily fishing and cooking quests enabling good consumables tahts could be auctioned off. And if you were at 70 for TBC in the early days... damn did it get boring real quick real fast. Oustside of raiding, and not until SWP was pretty much cleared, there were rarely any pugs that ventured into Karazhan let alone gruuls and magtheridon. Anyway dailies for those that spent a lot of time level capped really was one of the best ways to make money, still many have long since found them to be repetive and boring much as yourself, but in those days... thats all we had. Well of course pvp, but really thats just another gold sink.
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