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Originally Posted by Clarste View Post
What you're doing is taking that cheapest stack and making it more expensive. You are stealing money from me, since apparently the person who farmed that Icethorn didn't think it was worth that much. Both the buyer and the seller agreed on a lower price, but you decided to come in as an unnecessary middleman and steal from the buyer. (The seller doesn't really care because they can't really tell who bought it). The free market was doing its beautiful thing of changing prices to match supply and demand, and you stepped in and killed it. You killed the free market. By stealing from the poor.
.... You do realize that these are the very basics upon which trade works, right? Buy low, sell high is the most basic of basic principle of trade.

It's not stealing and he is not an 'unnecessary middleman' He is the buyer, who buys from the seller. The only way he could steal from you is if an agreement of trade had already been reached. It hadn't, therefore the trade is fair and thus he has stolen nothing.

In fact, with a similar twist of logic I can claim that you are stealing from him. What are you going to do with those Icethorns? You'll turn them into pots which you'll consume, and chances are you'll get next to nothing in return. Jazz, however, makes his money from these items. By buying these items before him, you are effectively robbing him of all chances of making money.

Trade is never an easy thing.

Personally, I love playing the Auction House like this, and consequently loathe the idiots who keep undercutting. They don't seem to realize that if they blindly keep undercutting one another, they'll only earth a tenth of what they could earn. When I don't have the capital yet, I tend to go for the average price, hoping that the cheaper stacks will sell out quickly so mine get their turn. Sometimes it pays of, sometimes it doesn't.

I tend to get rich very fast as long as I have gathering professions. Gather the resources, put them on the AH, build capital, buy low and sell high, keep repeating the gathering/auctioning and buying/selling and control the market.

That's why arguably my biggest mistake ever was choosing to level Alchemy with my Death Knight. *sigh* I should have sold those herbs...

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