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^ Pretty much.

I realize that you are also buyers, I just showed what things looked like from the opposite side.

And no, I don't live of undercutters. I'm a gatherer (or rather, my Shaman is), my main profit is selling what I gather. Undercutters are an annoyance that keep interfering with my profits. Undercutters are only profitable when they put their stuff on the AH for ridiculously low prices. (for example, I put up a stack of copper bars for 8 Gold, an undercutter does so for 7 Gold 90 Silver, I could buy it, but the cost and risk are very high, and the profit small) In other words, I only profit of undercutters when they put they put their stuff up for low prices and I happen to wander across them. I always make it a habit to check the AH whenever I'm in town, but I don't watch it like a hawk.

I don't have any professions that need to be fueled by the AH, hence I don't need to buy anything of it. My main costs are repair bills and whatever the vendors have available, which are predictable or stable prices. In other words: inflation does not affect me, rather it only serves me. Low prices on the AH, however, would severely hurt my wallet and actions.

That being said, I do agree that I'm taking advantage of people. That's all part of trade. However, you seem to dramatize the importance of the AH... it's not as if you can't go out and gather the Icethorn yourself. You'd be hurting the AH merchants and get Icethorn without having to pay a copper. Double win for you, gatherers and AH traders lose.

And I do disagree on that last statement... sure, there is a ring of truth in that merchants bought products where they were produced and sold them where they were consumed, but why did they do that? Not because they provided a service, but because they knew that the people in that far away town would pay a mighty piece for the products they carried. And even in the past it was hardly uncommon for a merchant to buy an item for a low price and sell it for a higher price two streets away.

Profit, profit, profit. It is, has been, and will always be the centerpiece of trade.
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