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You know... Is there a curse on this season's anime? Most of them are ending horribly... How can such a large percentage of anime in one season turn out like this...

This episode... ...Until the end part, you could take it seriously... Then...
Hah?! Schoolgirl Suou?!
Yeah, sure, so a completely new Earth was copied and now Suou is pretty much living in another world? Talk about a big scale. What a way to end this...
Not only that, but they don't show what happened to the rest of Suou's friends. Were they copied into the new world too? How about Nika and Tanya? Kiko? Gai?

And to top it all off, they have Gorgo appear with torn clothe and the levitating car fly into the sky to end the season with a laugh.

And all of this with a lack of explanation of some other characters. Brilliant.

The end.

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