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Loved the episode, myself. Felt right. The war continues on the old Misaki Earth, while Suou and July (although she doesn't remember him, I think he remembers her) live on the new Earth Shion made to Suou's specifications: with two loving parents and a view of the real sky.

Sad, terrible, happy. If Hei is truly with Suou, as he says, is he merged in the world-spirit with Yin, or will he and Suou meet when she is older? She says she expects to meet "someone" someday.

The ending is open enough for third (fourth) series of many kinds, it seems to me, on either or both Earths -- and also closed enough for an ending, with Hei and Yin either dead or together in a disembodied state, and Suou living a good life on the new Earth. Suou's expectation of meeting someone I think is Hei, makes me think a further series is in the director's mind.

Things surprisingly didn't seem rushed to me, but certainly full of interesting quandaries. Like the ending of the first series.

I think the new Earth is to be an Earth free of contractors and gates, and with a view of the real stars. We will leave the question of how its gravity affects the old earth's orbit out of our calculations, lol: "Sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic" (Arthur C. Clarke).

I eagerly await Chinese and English subs, but for me so far this was a moving and satisfying episode, not a troll at all. It didn't give final answers, but neither did series one. I like one comment on 2channel: "My head is spinning so fast that I have gone beyond the normal world."

EDIT: There is a huge number of comments on 2channel following the show. So many that people are making cracks about how many people in Japan are "people of leisure" and can stay up so late (the show starts at 1:25 am). There were over 600 posts during the show. Then succeeding threads have filled up in an hour and a quarter, an hour and a half, and three hours: over 3500 posts in five hours. More people there seem to trying to figure things out than complaining, although there is certainly some of that, too.
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