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@Everyone who quoted me.

Sarcasm much?

My point being is that the tragedy is been abused so much for personal/nationalistic/imperialistic gain that it doesn't surprise me if people start to think that the entire event was staged as grounds for such a reaction on part of the Bush administration. The rest of the world grieved with you all, but once it became a pretense for invasion of countries in which the gols have become so muddied and questionable over the years, you're going to have screwballs thinking it was all a joke to give the American government an excuse to do what they did.

Add to that of course that most of those denying 9/11 much the same way as denying the holocaust are Muslims, the very same people who feel like they're in the sights of America's rifle scopes after 9/11. Doesn't take a genius again because all this has been in the news for years.

It's so easy to blame the people for denying the tragedy, but so hard to ask yourselves why they deny it in the first place. I would go so far as to say that if the US government didn't act and react as they did, you wouldn't have Malaysia's ex-Prime Minister spouting of anti-American rhetoric while speaking about religious tolerance and Iran's (duly elected?) President supporting hardline Islamic views while battling killing protesters in the streets.

Whether America will admit or not, it help create this growing Anti-American trend, a point outside observers have been poiting out for almost ten years.
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