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Originally Posted by Malkuth View Post
^^ Mate you know AnoHana, and Hanasaku Iroha have the same writer

As for pregnancy in anime, it was a side-plot in Onegai Sensei, but yeah it is indeed rare outside hentai and shoujo manga.
Yep, which is why it's entirely possible it can be pulled off. But even the same person can vary in quality from work to work.

Originally Posted by acejem View Post
Lol pregnancy indeed, but I highly doubt teenage pregnancy will be an topic in this anime, or in any popular anime in general. Unless this anime wants to bomb badly, it would make any commercial sense not to explore that or else... you're going to get some otakus to overreact due to their obsession of "purity" and "innocence". See what happened to Kannagi and K-on's Ritsu for example just because it was hinted they had boyfriends in the past... let alone teenage pregnancy.

Not that I would mind it. It would be refreshing to see some slice of life anime not "idealise" its characters.
Sigh... god forbid one use their brain. Sucks for the rest of us.

Btw, Archon Wing why you still watching this? I thought you hated teen dramas
Because I can. And anime does it better.
Let us start here from Square one. No... from zero!
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