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Sena's mother is not dead. She works overseas.

*Pure speculation*
Maybe they were twin sisters? Kodaka was very young (three?) at the time his mother died and to protect him from the shock seeing his aunt who looks like his deceased mother they never told him. And also his father might suffer if he sees his sister-in-law so he decided not to see each other for some time and so he moved away with his children.

Kodaka and Sena were little children and never saw each other again after she died. At that time they also arranged the engagement before parting.

Story-wise I could imagine it is revealed because Sena's mother is now finally coming home and after Kodaka's sees her he stutters: "Mo... Mother?"

Pegasus refers to Kodoka's father as his best friend and they did not see each others for years (only telephone calls). So there must be a good reason why he don't visits him. And Pegasus really wants the families to reunite.

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