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I thought of something...

In regards the MG line of Age kits, basically I think that these are the only ones that are likely to be done...

MG Age-1 Flat
MG Age-1 Flat
MG Age-1 Flat (w/ Zefuld Launcher)
MG Age-1 Flat (w/ Grandsa armor)
MG Age-2 Normal --> confirmed
MG Age-2 Double Bullet
MG Age-2 Normal Special Ops
MG Age-2 Darkhound
MG Age-3 Normal
MG Age-3 Fortress
MG Age-3 Orbital

I was looking at this idea and thought.. What if Bandai were to just release the parts for the variations instead of releasing entire kits?


Double Bullet.

Bandai releases a Double Bullet add-on pack only. If we want the Double Bullet, then we get the add on pack as well as another Age-2 Normal.

So the kits in bold on the list are the ones that get a full MG release.
So it would be 7 releases with 5 add on pack releases.
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