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Originally Posted by Znozzy View Post
I've thought about that too, like weapon packs (7-sword) for 00, but it seems that bandai did that in the past (B-club?) and the weapon packs/hand packs/head packs didn't sell well?

or maybe force them to release a MG Blast Impulse at gunpoint.

Anyways, Soemone should mail Bandai about that. lol, we might be on to something here.
The thing is, I also thought about what they've been doing with SD compared to MG with the Age series.

Like how w/ the AGE SD's, they had all the packs included with 1 box, but the MG we got them all individually.

Just hoping that with the MG Age series, we get them all eventually... All as in

MG Age-1 Normal
MG Age-1 Titus
MG Age-1 Sparrow
MG Age-1 Flat
MG Age-1 Flat w/ Zefuld Launcher
MG Age-1 Flat Grandsa
MG Age-2 Normal
MG Age-2 Double Bullet
MG Age-2 Normal Special Ops ver.
MG Age-2 Darkhound
MG Age-3 Normal
MG Age-3 Fortress
MG Age-3 Orbital

Well so far we have 3 out of 14 ...21.14%... And the MG Age-2 Normal is confirmed so that's 4 we'll have out of the 14.
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