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Kinda. I think he sees her as the most understandable of the girls. He trusts all of them, but...

Yuri is an ojou-sama and though he has gotten used to it that is still a rather large barrier lots of times. Erica does her own thing and Godou is largely clueless about her, and Ena needs no explanation.

In contrast, Lilliana isn't complicated. She does girly things, has no weird designs on him, and doesn't try to scheme to get him to do anything. So she is probably the easiest to talk to.

Though if its purely about trust, I think Erica has the top spot there.
From what I've seen so far, Godou views the girls like this:

Lili - The one with the most common sense

Yuri - A trustworthy adviser and counselor

Ena - Slightly erratic but the strongest ally

Erica - His partner and queen (not that he'd admit the last part...)
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