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Hee hee I love GW, I just rerolled my main character so she would have the LS title. This isn't because of HoM, but because all of my chars are at least tier 1 apart from her and most are contending for tier 3. All of that effort and I thought why not the same effort into my main character?

After 2 weeks she is now tier 2 survivor and nearly protector in cantha (she won't do the last mission until she is tier 3). This time around, I am only getting standard armour until she makes her goal... Well I did break from that and she does have the 15k lux bra

Not too sure should I bother farming for the obsidian eye candy, it is rather hard work especially when I get a glob or shard and then I die before I can pick it up , I'll probably farm to help my guildies and then when they are half way to getting theirs I'll give them the rest as a present.

My char name to true anime fandom style is Hina Mashimaro , look forward to not pugging with you until she gets to tier 3
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