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Originally Posted by Ero-Sannin
actually in reply to u saying ace would totally ass rape smoke... ace himself said that the fight was pointless, they cant harm eachother:


[i m new to this posting so i m bad at quoting, hopefully i will be unlazy enough to figure out how to quote and make an avatar...]

Ace didn't really say they couldn't harm each other, he just said that their fight would be point-less. That could mean that Ace could woop smokers ass so easily, that it would be "point-less" to fight him. And a more better question to ask would be...

How can smoke harm fire?!!

By the way, I can't wait for episode 95 to come out--I hope K-F makes a faster release this time around (maby if some one donates cash via pay pale, they might just speed up their subbing ^^)
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