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This show is terribly dirty, lol. It doesn't really get anywhere near being explicit, but it turns my pervert switch right on.

I can say that was pretty much the most successful aspect of this episode. From a certain perspective, that's a pretty significant downgrade in comparison to earlier episodes. Since those episodes aren't fresh in my mind though, and since none of them quite managed to reach or make me expect perfection anyway, I can say I fully enjoyed this one.

Some of you guys mentioned this episode focusing on character development...there was certainly some of that, though I feel more salient/interesting was the foreshadowing with the mysterious princess lady and new Maniwa dude who didn't even fight. However, what I want to bring up here is in relation to all the 'Shichika is a sociopath' talk going on earlier. Let's compare and contrast:

Shichika slew Meisai, an honourable warrior with good intentions, in an unnecessary battle to the death. Afterwards, when Togame came, he promptly cheerfully waved and smiled. Conversely, Togame seemed to regret her death.

On the other hand, in this episode here, Togame matter of factly proposes several fairly underhanded and gruesome strategies of death. Shichika in contrast is somewhat put off by them. What makes the difference?

lol, I suppose I'll just say straight up here that I rejected the idea of Shichika as a sociopath. Death is a somewhat malleable thing. Shichika actually comes off rather simply to me as someone for whom death, or more precisely the struggle for life, is a natural thing, such that failure or success in the course of it (a struggle) is simply a fact of existence. The unnatural struggle of a slow, helpless death like Togame describes thus freaks him out. Togame's attitude is contrastingly somewhat more interesting/contradictory, in that she seems to regret 'unnecessary' killings and yet can so easily default to such detached strategems as she demonstrated in this episode.
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